Project Info:

Yarlet School is an independent prepatory primary school close to Stafford.

ALS (UK) LLP completed a full laboratory refurbishment, along with the installation of a new mobile filter fume cupboard and docking stations. The introduction of a fume cupboard provides staff opportunities to enhance student engagement; more advanced, varied and complex experiments are made viable within the laboratory, allowing the teacher to include demonstrations more frequently across a wider range of topics. Filter type cupboards are ideal in this role; their lower cost, lack of requirement for complex ducting and their ease of mobility makes them an affordable route to enriching a schools STEM curriculum.

Yarlet School also requested during our design/manufacturing stage a high-resolution render outlining our furniture for the school to display at an open evening for parents.

  • Contract Value:
    ~ £23000
  • Completed:
    Q1 2016
  • Works Undertaken:
    Lab Furniture, Fume Cupboards
  • Location: