Project Info:

Oxford University's Department of Engineering Science conducts research across the field - from nanotechnology to energy storage and machine learning.

ALS (UK) LLP was tasked with refurbishing an electronics laboratory to match an existing specification - calling for bespoke benches constructed from a blue finish 12.7mm Arpa Athlon fixed to a carefully designed MDF ladder frame, with cross rails placed strategically so as to allow fixing to/for our 3R framework and reagent shelving, along with jointing details which were machined into the frames. The bespoke tops featured a 10mm thick solid hardwood edge and 50mm hardwood upstand. Additionally, a 24 compartment bag unit was produced and installed.

  • Contract Value:
    ~ £50,000
  • Completed:
    Q3 2017
  • Works Undertaken:
    Laboratory Furniture
  • Location: